Influencer Program

 Life Petals is a growing small business that believes in cultivating faith, hope, self-love, and unity within our merchandise, devotionals, and blogs. We are looking for Instagram and Facebook Ambassadors/Influencers whose passions and purpose are similar to ours.

Our current program provides:

  • One or two of our items given and shipped to you for free each month for you to promote.
  • Your personal discount code of 20% off any orders you make.
  • A 13% discount code for your followers to use.
  • We also value your opinion regarding our brand. Yes, we want your input!

How does that sound to you? I'm hoping pretty good. If so, there are a few requirements we have for our Ambassadors:

  • Mention our brand in your social media platform profile with Customer Discount Code
  • Follow us on Instagram @life.petals.
  • Tag Life Petals on all post that concern our brand or product: #lifepetals, @life.petals
  • Allow Life Petals to use your post that reflects our brand on our social media platforms and/or website.
  • Post in your feed and story platforms wearing or showcasing our products in any positive advertising or engaging format. ☺️

I would like for you to please visit our website and social media platforms, to see if our brand’s mission and products are something you would enjoy being apart of. If you’re not sure🤔 and have questions or concerns, please reach out. I’m here to make this journey as transparent and smooth as possible for all of us. Please message me back on IG @life.petals or email if interested.

I look forward to working with you.