Empowering individuals to transform their stumbling blocks into stepping stones that lead them to achieving their goals and fulfilling their purpose.

About Evolve

I founded Evolve With Ms. Taliah back in 2018 as an Instagram account called Life Petals. It started as a way to tap into my years of ministry and spread Christian encouragement. Unexpectedly it grew into it’s own ministry providing:

  • Intercessory Prayer
  • Biblical Teaching
  • Deliverance 
  • Spiritual, Life & Pre-marital Counseling
  • Practical Life Blogs
  • Merchandise

Now, here we are in 2024 and I have added a new section to my passion - Transformational Life Coaching. I received my Life Coaching certification in 2023, through Clear Vision Consulting, and I take the experiences of my own life and education to help clients transform their challenges into opportunities for personal growth. I am a coach with my share of personal struggles and have learned how to see the light in the darkness and fight for better outcomes.

"If you let the pain block your view, you'll never see the light in your future." -Ms. Taliah

A Little Something About Me

It's tough to know where to begin without sounding like an advertisement.

Well, my life has been a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows, from painful stumbling blocks and learning from harsh mistakes, to achieving great things and experiencing unforgettable joys.

My background is quite diverse. As a teenager, I ran away from home and dropped out of high school, despite being considered destined for success. I endured my share of physical, mental and emotional abuse before I reached my adulthood. Found myself walking in the title of "single mother" at the age of 21.

I found away to elevate my daughter and I life in the US Navy as a Logistics Specialist, but my career was cut short due to medical conditions that impacted my life for over two decades. By the way, I speak more on my life journey in my blogs.

Throughout my adult life, I've also worked as a retail salesman, secretary, administrative and project manager, creative writer, substitute teacher, and a Christian minister. I’ve homeschooled my children for a few years, and transitioned from being a stay-at-home wife of 15 years to a divorced mother struggling to start over.

Despite the many challenges, embarrassments, guilt, shame, setbacks and hardships, I found strength to keep going. I'm not going to lie to you, it has been rough but my experiences have given me a wealth of knowledge and insight into the stumbling blocks of life and how to overcome them.

Today, I'm a full-time

  • Revivalist
  • Mentor
  • Writer
  • Creative Designer
  • Certified Transformational Life Coach
  • Mother of Two & Grandmother of One

I enjoy my coffee in the morning, peace in my heart and time with my family.


Equip individuals and organizations to transform their challenges into opportunities, and promote the growth of thriving communities across the globe.