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Im Enuff

Has there ever been a time in your life when someone made you feel like you're not enough the way you are? That feeling can be debilitating. It makes you feel like you aren't good enough. Then you begin questioning your looks, speech, clothing, gender, ethnicity, passions, identity, morals, and WORTH.

I know all about it. For a lifetime, I battled with being 'enuff' for others. I have been called stupid, dumb, slow, weak, ugly, skinny bone jones, too fat, not cultural enough, to cultural and-and-and so much more that I won't write, but you get my point.
I've heard "girl, you need to go eat a sandwich" and know, "when you gonna lose that weight." They don't ask if I am happy with my current weight or if some underline conditions are causing it.
I have been made to feel insignificant and left wondering, is life worth living. I know what it feels like to be rejected, mistreated, and, yes, abused. I wanted to change almost everything about me at one time or another to fit in with what others deem to be suitable for me.
So, here we are in front of the mirror. What do you see? Is it you that you see or what others say they want you to be?
The thing to remember is, we cannot please everyone. Honestly, we can't even please half the people, and we will lose ourselves if we keep trying. Time to stop trying!
How, you might ask? The solution is simple, but executing it does take time and effort.
You ready?
Only try to please God and Yourself!
Woot, there it is!
Now, doesn't it reduce that long list by soooo much?
I know! I know! But what about my family, spouse, friends, boss, etc.? Look at it this way. If God is pleased with you, none can say anything against it! If someone has a problem with your being, you tell them to take it up with your creator.
But lastly, and very importantly, you must know for yourself that you are enough. I'm not saying we don't need change within ourselves because all of us can use some fine-tuning. Nor am I telling you not to rock that new haircut and color. What I am saying is, know that you are enough the way God made you, and any changes you chose to make do it for YOU and not to please the masses.
So, when I focus on losing some weight or want to try out some extended eyelashes, it will be because I want to.
So now that we have an understanding, let's tell those liars and haters, "I'm enuff just the way God made me," and we're going to mean it!

Remember, express what you believe, love who you are!


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Today is my first visit to your blog and I chose ‘im enuff‘ to read first because of my apparel Thank you for your being brave to share your journey. My take away is God is 1st and be authentic to “yourself.” I have been passionate about that my entire life. I don’t fit into all the social norms and neither have I ever wanted too. My grandmother and mother instilled that confidence in me as a kid.

Looking forward to reading more post.

Thank you ❤️


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