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Grind Code

What's your grind code? You can't answer that until you know what grind code means. You're in luck; I found a definition in my Life Petals' Dictionary.
grind code /ɡrīnd kōd/ n :the process an individual uses to push him or herself to attain their God-given purpose.
Now that you know what it is. Do you know what yours look like? School, career, military, ministry, school again, marriage, kids, and the list goes on. It took some time to figure out mine and where to put it to work.

We often find ourselves grinding but with the wrong tools, on the wrong things, and wonder why it seems we're either stuck in a rut or swinging and hitting nothing but air. It's not always a bad thing; though it may hurt, we get up, dust ourselves off, learn, and try again. I've tried many things and was determined to make it in each of them, only to find myself asking what I was doing wrong. I remember asking the Lord many times what is my purpose, and I found myself not listening, doubting, or allowing others to direct me in a different direction. Everyone (including myself) had all the answers to the what, when, and how questions. You can guess how that turned out. I'm not saying time was tasted because everything I have experienced led me to this moment right now. I am saying some pains and disappointments could have been avoided.

Now I am on a path I recently remembered having a dream about 15 years ago; before Instagram marketing, online fulfillment stores, apps, and blogging were a thing. Yes, there was life before all of them.😊 My thoughts were pouring from my mind onto products; remember, this is a dream; anything can happen. I was sitting at the dining room table with my family, working from a PalmPilot style device (our phones were only so smart then), receiving customers' orders. As I accepted the orders, my device sent the information to a print shop's central computer. The machines turned on, and the items were being created, all while I was at home. I remember waking up amazed by this but wondered how on earth could that happen. In time I dismissed and forgotten all about it.

Well! Well! Well!
Now here we are living in a time when such things are everyday life. Now my grind code is at work. Not only have I started down the path of that fantastic dream the Lord gave me, but other desires, skills, and experiences are all being put to use in this journey. E-Commerce is only part of my vision, but if I keep listening to the Lord and grinding, I know this path will take me places I haven't even imagined yet.

My journey hasn't been easy. I don't always get the support I would like, and many times I left it sitting on the back burner out of frustration. But I keep coming back to it because I saw the dream, I know its purpose, and the future looks bright. So, I keep going even when I'm not sure how to do it all. God has been my biggest fan, and He shows me it can be get done.
So I want to encourage you to keep grinding, fighting, and taking those steps towards your dreams, desires, and purpose. See the vision, know the purpose, and step out on faith.

We got this!
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