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Gotta Start Somewhere

Over 16 years ago, I had a literal dream about what was to come. I dreamt that my thoughts, words, and feelings were pouring into the hearts of people. Also, everything that was in my mind was printed onto various items.

I dismissed the dream until the Lord reminded me of it in 2019, and slowly the work began.

I have combined my life experiences, knowledge, struggles, victories, and failures into everything I share and create—my good, bad, and ugly.

Life Petals is an ever-flowing, ongoing evolving extension of myself that started as an Instagram platform to inspire others through my Christian faith and life experiences. With the same objective, Life Petals is now a brand where community, self-expression, prayer, faith, hope, purpose, healing, and God's love is given room to grow.

I believe life isn't one size fits all, and I don't pretend that my life is any different. I share my real life and a glimpse into the story behind each blog and product. My hope is it will help others express what they believe and love who they are in God. But most of all, I want God to get the glory.

I believe God didn't create life to be lived alone; let's journey together.

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