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Sowing The Right Seeds

Father, We come to you in the name of Jesus. We understand that what we reap in our lives is what we sow. The things we have planted in the spirit and the natural are what we harvest.

Lord, please forgive us for all things we've planted in our lives through spoken word and deeds knowingly or unknowingly that is contrary to your will for our lives.

Abba, forgive us for any contracts we created with the enemy through what we planted. We ask in Jesus' name that you would void all bonds, break every chain and uproot everything that has been sown that hinders us.

Lord, show us what we have done wrong and show us how to correct it.

Father, We plant seeds of hope, faith, prosperity, goodness, kindness, wisdom, strength, talents, gifts, success, confidence, blessings, favor and, love that come from you into our lives right now.

We plant ourselves by streams of living water, and our Harvest will be plentiful and never wither.

Thank you, Lord for your Mercy and Grace. In Jesus' name, we pray. Amen.

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