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The Struggle Is Real And So Is God

Life sometimes hits us hard, and we find ourselves struggling to get out of bed, struggling to care, struggling to make it through the day. I know the struggle because I've had Kung Fu style battles with negative days, horrible news, and depression. I didn't and won’t always win each battle, but I also didn't and won’t lose them all either. Sometimes we want to dive into our rabbit hole and hide from the world and its problems, but the truth is the issues dive in with us.

So what do we do? It’s easy just to say pray about it and leave it at that.

However, if I’m, to be honest, I still struggle sometimes after I pray because the issue is still in my face, and the emotions behind the situation are still there. So, God has given me a few battle strategies to use during the fight.

First thing first—I had to learn how to accept that all things have a purpose, though I might not understand why and I don’t enjoy it.

Second, while there is still blood pumping through our veins, we will face seasons of struggle. It sucks, but it’s apart of life’s journey. (You can read more about this in my content post and blog, Difficult Roads.)

Now with those two critical weapons of knowledge in my arsenal, I add positive stimuli that tend to settle me, that God has shown me.

A few things on my list include writing, listening to uplifting music, reading motivational scriptures and post. Reading a good mystery novel while drinking coffee out of my favorite mug, snuggled up in a blanket watching a funny movie or favorite shows, which includes Animal Channel and Psych—don’t judge me😊. I also enjoy having dance-offs with my kids, hanging out with hubby, playing mobile games, having a good cry, and sometimes talking to someone about what I’m feeling.

All these things help me get through the negative thoughts and feelings while I let God work on what’s needed for me to come out of the storm.  While He is working, he guides me on how I can help myself get through the discomfort. It’s not always a quick turn around for me, but if I stick to God’s guidance, I always make it out of the storm.

He made it so we never have to feel alone or helpless during our fights. Yes, the struggle is real, and so is our God! Ask Him what your key weapons are that will help you if you don’t already know them and put them to uses. Also, give yourself permission to laugh, feel joy, and comfort while the storm is raging in your life.

It’s okay!

Let’s keep going Family and don’t give up; we WILL make it.

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