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A Piece of Candy

Sometimes we feel alone in this big world.
We think no one understands, people can't relate, or folks just don't care. Often, we run into people that show such characteristics that cause us to give up on God and the goodness of humanity—including family. Yet, God reminds us that He is with us by providing little pieces of candy!

Candy, you wonder?

It’s a saying my children’s Godmother explained to me years ago when I was in an awful mental and emotional place regarding my health. She said that while you’re going through a situation and it feels like no one can relate or God isn’t listening, He will send you a little piece of candy, something to bring a moment of comfort and remind you He is here.

You might be thinking,

“Where’s my piece of candy?”

Let’s take a moment to examine our situations. Have there been times when something happened that brought some comfort or ease during hard or lonely times?
You know the ones! Someone did or said something kind (rather or not you accepted it is a different story). That person who spoke a kind word to you, paid for your lunch, or let you merge in their lane while driving (that’s a big one for me). Your kids miraculously didn’t get on your last nerve that everyone else seems to want to tap dance on. You get a positive report that should have been negative, and so on. These are pieces of candy God gives us. Though we rather He would come down and address our issues personally, He does so in many other ways. One of his significant ways is to use us, imperfect humans, to help one another.

It keeps us connected to each other because He doesn’t desire for us to ever feel alone in this world and certainly doesn’t want us to believe He isn’t with us. Things often happen that bring us to a low place within ourselves, but God will never leave us. So, let’s not give up on each other and definitely not on God. When you’re next piece of candy comes your way, savor it and know God is always with you!

Remember, let's reach back and walk life together!
Stay encouraged, Family, and express what you believe and love who you are.
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