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Abba, Abba Father. You are the great I am. The King of Kings. The Lord of Lords. Beginning and the End. The Great I Am. I worship you at your throne of grace and mercy. For there is no other God like onto you. You said you look before you, behind you and you see no other gods. Bless it be Your Holy Name. For thou is the kingdom forever and ever.

You are the creator of Heaven and Earth. The stars align at your voice. Nothing is created without you and all can be destroyed by you. For the angels cry out, "Holy, Holy, Holy daily." You are worthy to be praised. You are worthy of all the glory in Heaven and on Earth. Even darkness must reverence you.

Praise be to God my creator, My Father. My Redeemer. My Shield and Battle Axe. My All and All. Glory. Glory. Glory. Glory. My spirit cries out Hallelujah.

Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. My Brother. My King. My Savior. Where would I be without? You are the Corner Stone that the builders rejected. Yet, you took this wild olive branch and crafted me into your vine. You are my Anchor. My Guide. My Deliver. My Friend. You are my Teacher.

Without you, I would still be lost and because of you, I have been found. You are a good Shepherd that ran after me and saved me from the teeth of the lion. You fight for me. You love me. There is no other that has done what you have for humanity. Bless it be Your Holy name.

I bow down before the throne and thank you for my life, Lord. You showed me it has meaning and worth. Thank you for the strength, power, and wisdom that come from the Holy Ghost.

Father, you alone are worthy of all my praise.

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