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I’m Not Sure

It's ok not to be sure sometimes. We don't know all things, and that's ok. However, not knowing at times can stop us from trusting or being able to move forward. It paralyzes our growth!
Well, the good thing is, your not the only person to feel this way. If I were given a dollar for the number of times I was unsure about things, I’d own a private island and be debt-free. The other good thing is God knows all about it, and we are not the first people to have doubts about life choices or even about Him.
Now, if God was given a dollar for every doubt we had, well, let’s just say if He weren’t already the creator of the heavens and earth, he’d be able to buy it all. What's great is, He is patient with us and is willing to help, though we doubt. He still provides us with blessings, mercy, and let's not forget miracles, signs, and wonders daily. He knows we don't have all the answers, and He’s cool with that.

As a parent of two children, I know my kids don’t have all the answers (though they think they do), and I don’t expect them to. How could they? They haven’t lived long enough to understand the parts of life they haven’t been through yet. So, when they ask me questions, I give them answers that best suit the situation. To be honest, I do it even when they don’t ask me. But it’s my job! So why would we believe God thinks we have the answers to all things? He doesn’t! He enjoys helping us along the way when we’re not sure about what to do in any given situation.
So, not being sure means there is some room where you believe something is possible, which gives God room to show you if it is. Don’t beat yourself up because you’re not sure about Him or your life choices. Some things do take time. But when He shows us the truth, it's up to us to change our doubts into assurance. And If He has to create a big moon to help with your unbelief, he will. I’ll explain the ‘big moon’ in a blog to come.

Remember, Family, let's reach back and walk together because God didn’t create us to walk this life alone.
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